Preventing family breakdown and social exclusion by working with probation trusts to avoid the use of custody for women.

Once a woman reaches court, TWP can provide a sentencing package that enables sentencers to confidently impose a Community Order and avoid ineffective custody. Traditional Community Orders can be difficult for women to comply with, so TWP works in close partnership with West Yorkshire, Humberside and South Yorkshire Probation Trusts to offer intensive, centre-based programmes alongside a menu of holistic support options. This approach enables women to meet the requirements of their orders and to develop new behaviours and lifestyles.

"West Yorkshire Probation Trust is proud of its partnership work with TWP. We have developed a model which is efficient, effective and which places women at the heart of their sentence plan in order to support their journey away from crime."
Neil Moloney, Head of Leeds Probation

Our strengthened Community Orders are unique and provide a robust sentence that offers the prospect of real change. We achieve consistently high levels of engagement and are able to make a major impact on women who have been failed repeatedly by the system.