A 12 week course for girls not in Education, Employment or Training

What is Chances ?

The Chances Programme is a 12 week alternative education provision. The course aims to build confidence and self-esteem and enable young people to begin to identify, assess and overcome some of their barriers to attending mainstream education. The programme focuses on improving self-esteem, confidence, communication skills and empowering young women to make informed life choices through targeted group work. There is also more specialised group work around healthy relationships, domestic abuse, managing stress and keeping yourself safe. The programme also offers an opportunity for young women to gain employment skills through volunteering on Together Women's projects. There is also  opportunities for working alongside the VIBE team on voice and influence based work. This scheme supports other young women not in education.

Who is eligible ?

The course is for young women and girls, aged 12-19, who are not currently in education, employment or training.

Course content

The course focuses on three strands: Personal Development, Employability and Life Skills.

Personal Development


Life Skills

· Self Esteem

· Identity

· Body Image

· Confidence

· Communications

· Assertiveness

· Anger

· Stress

· Healthy Relationships

· Domestic Abuse

· Personal Safety

· Barriers to Education and Employment

· Team Building

· Volunteering

· IT: Email and Social Media

· Meet Employers

· CVS & Job Searching

· Work Experience

· Interview Skills

· Preparing for work

· Food Hygiene and Cooking Skills

· Nutrition

· Budgeting

· Future and Goals

· Independence and Leadership

· Mental Health

· Lifestyle and Physical Health

· Sexual Health

· Cultures and Values