TWP receive funding from Soroptimists

Together Women (TWP) is launching a new project which will work with women and their children in Bradford. The new project will provide support in the community and also in prison for mothers as well as provide safe and affordable childcare for women receiving services at the Together Women Centre in Bradford.

The Bradford centre works with almost 250 women a year, and over 40% of them have children. Regional Manager Lieran Docherty, says “Many of the women who access Together Women face a number of needs around their parenting including crowded housing, restricted access to playgrounds, parks and gardens, lack of community support, a sense of isolation in general, and specifically in relation to childcare and activities.

“They may have additional problem such as being a lone parent, experiencing domestic violence, or suffering from mental health problems”.

Funding from the Soroptomists has enabled Together Women to employ a Parenting and Childcare Development Worker at the Bradford Centre and Family Resettlement Worker at New Hall Women’s Prison.

The project will provide childcare while mothers access the centre’s services, and also deliver a special programme to help disadvantaged mothers increase their parenting skills. The project will also deliver specialist support to women in prison to help maintain contact between families separated by imprisonment.

Soroptimist International is a worldwide organisation for women in Management and Professions who, using their expertise developed during their working lives, work to advance human rights and the status of women. Marion le Pla, a member of Bradford Soroptimists, says

“We are especially pleased to provide funding for the Child Care Worker in Bradford which will enable more women to attend the Centre and also support the important work being done in New Hall Prison.”

The Soroptimists have been able to provide this money, as part of the proceeds of the sale of Soroptimist House in Bradford. The house was purchased many years ago by the Soroptimists and in recent years it became unsuitable for their purposes, thus enabling them to support local charities with the proceeds of the sale.