Hull Homeless Community Project have recently started a female-focused drop-in service with Together Women Project in Hull. 

Located at our George Street centre, they run a weekly advice and guidance drop-in at 10am until 1pm every Wednesday. 

With funding from the Ministry of Justice, Together Women Project was set up in 2006. The idea was to develop and test a new gender-specific community approach to women offenders and women at risk of offending. We became an independent charity in April 2009 and continue to offer a range of services, helping women in the Yorkshire and Humberside region to move away from crime and build positive futures in a women-only space. 

What we quickly found was that a lot of our time was being dedicated to accommodation issues, and so we approached HHCP in order to broaden our reach to those women affected by homelessness. 

HHCP volunteer Caroline Potter is at the centre each week and chats with any females in need of suitable accommodation, a transition from their current accommodation, or who are at risk of losing their homes. 

“It’s a chance to have a cup of tea and a chat. They can also grab a bite to eat and a shower if they want. Some ladies might not be ready to fully engage with us, but we are here to support them when they need it,” Support Lead Caroline explains. 

Up to now, we have been running one-to-one sessions and dealing with accommodation issues, but as the project grows and we begin to build a relationship with these women, we will be able to expand our offerings. 

“A lady has shown an interest in arts and crafts recently, so we’re going to put out some materials for everyone to join in with if they want to. It just gives them an opportunity to feel supported and part of something.” 

If the Hull Homeless Community Project is something that you’d like to get involved in, please drop them an email at [email protected].