As part of the BAS8 Ambassador Scheme Studio12 supported young women from the Together Women’s Project in Leeds with the aim of helping them to develop a youth led take over night as part of the BAS8 public programme.

The group were particularly interested in representations of figures in the work of Linder Sterling. Taking inspiration from the artist the group looked at identity and what it means to them to be British. The group planned a Young Persons Remix of the British Art Show 8 with spoken word performance by Together Women, Khadijah, Leeds Young Authors, dance from Yew Tree Youth Theatre and Together Women’s portraits exhibited alongside.

The Together Women and LYA performed in a Flash Mob style, with performances in different rooms of the art gallery and pauses for the audience to network and appreciate the art. The families and Together Women leaders were very proud of the girls and even moved to tears.

The ambassador scheme created participation with groups that would other wise be marginalised from viewing the show, enhancing their art work and giving young people a voice. Studio12 and Leeds Libraries were able to support BAS8 and the organisations with their projects