Aims of mentoring

Mentoring can serve several purposes. The most effective way to plan the aims of mentoring within a service is to speak to the service users and stakeholders directly and discover what they hope to get from mentoring.

The aim of mentoring is to promote positive change in an individual while building a healthy relationship. 

As mentoring is a very individual and personal process, it must be remembered that building a healthy relationship is a positive change and can be the sole aim to mentoring. Achieving a healthy relationship is particularly a significant achievement for vulnerable women who often have very few positive and healthy relationships in their lives. 


The aim of gender-specific mentoring is kept simple and flexible in order to be reflective of the mentee's needs.


  • Build a positive and trusting relationship between a peer mentor and service user.
  • Mentor supports the mentee towards achieving the menteeā€™s decided goals.
  • Both mentor and mentee increase their confidence and social inclusion.