A mentoring policy is a great starting point and will give an organisation a way to demonstrate how mentoring fits in with an organisation’s mission. A policy will also demonstrate the organisation’s commitment towards mentoring. A Mentoring Policy will usually fall alongside an organisation’s Equality policy. An Equality policy is usually applied to the work of a whole organisation and in all of its projects, enforcing the equal treatment and equal opportunities for all involved.

Gender-Inclusion Policy

A gender inclusion policy looks at how we engage with women and how we can actively engage women and empower women. A gender inclusion policy recognises that women remain unequal and the importance in empowering women.  A gender inclusion policy can also include plans to seek the gender needs of those involved.

Learn more about the Gender Equality Duty

Start with the gender-specific guidance tool which will give you an idea of areas that you can develop; these developments will help you form your gender inclusion policy. Here is a template of a gender inclusion policy, remember to keep it a simple and enjoyable task or it will seem more like a burden.

Best Practice Guide

  • Name a designated staff member or group who are both committed and passionate about ensuring women’s needs remain a priority separately from the needs of the general service users.
  • Consult with women on their needs or barriers to accessing your mentoring service.
  • Develop referral routes and services that specifically respond to women’s needs around domestic abuse, childcare etc.
  • Let your gender inclusion policy become a part of your service user's activity.