There has been very little research carried out on the impact of mentoring offenders, even less around female offenders peer mentoring. The following resources will help you explore the effectiveness of your service and the impact it is having on female offenders.

Approved Provider Standard (APS)

The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation provides an Approved Provider Standard to recognise a national quality standard for safe and effective practice amongst mentoring and befriending projects. The APS help organisations in achieving 12 elements of mentoring and befriending which focus on key management and operational themes that underpin mentoring and befriending. In addition to APS accreditation, the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation provides support, training and access to resources.

Gender-Responsive Programme Assessment

The Centre for Gender and Justice created a Gender-Responsive Programme Assessment tool to help evaluate the gender-responsiveness of programmes and services for women and girls.

Demonstrating Effectiveness

Clinks has published a useful practical guide on how to demonstrate the effectiveness of your programme.

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Social Return on Investment is a method of analysis which seeks to find the economic, social and environmental value created by a particular intervention or programme. SROI is a good method to show the impact on individuals, organisations, families and the wider communities.

TWP Gender Specific Mentoring Guidance Tool

This tool is a good start to evaluating the gender specific elements of your service and which areas need further development or improvement.