Support planning

The support planning stage is a formal process by which the mentor and mentee will choose, commit and set out a written plan of goals to be achieved. Other agencies or individuals involved should be considered so that support is not duplicated. The support plan should list the goal, how the goal can be reached and a realistic time frame. As this support plan can be reviewed, fewer action plans will allow the relationship to remain informal and mentee led.

Being realistic means identifying potential barriers and setting out a plan of how to overcome these barriers.

Setting a timescale is an effective way to give the relationship structure and momentum and will also increase the motivation of both mentor and mentee. Initially setting a timescale across a 10-week period is found to be both comfortable and attainable for women looking to achieve realistic goals.

“Set no more than three realistic goals. Keep it simple, something that you feel comfortable about starting to address.”
“When starting to look at need. A diagram showing how the needs are interrelated is a positive thing. It is also important to build goals around confidence, social inclusion and empowerment. Setting goals in these areas shows the mentee it is healthy and important to think about these personal needs."