The listening stage is the opportunity for the mentor to use their listening skills and engage in active conversation with the mentee. Listening is crucial to build trust and identify needs. Implementing key listening skills is a core aspect of the mentoring role when engaging with the mentee. A good listener is the quality that women state is most important in a mentor.

During the listening stage, the mentor should be prepared to:

  • Demonstrate active listening in order to build a relationship.
  • Help the mentee make sense of their ‘story’ in a non-judgmental environment.
  • Develop an objective understanding of the mentee’s values and needs.
  • Reflect on the mentee’s values and needs and check in with their own values.
“It is important for the mentee to listen to the mentor as well. I have also learned that silence can be a good thing and not an awkward thing.”
“Be aware of how your own reactions may reinforce gender stereotypes or impact women's confidence. Think ahead and reflect on your reactions to issues around pregnancy, motherhood, alcohol misuse and prostitution. It is often likely that your reaction to these issues may be based on societal values."