Mentor Training

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TWP Learning to Mentor

TWP Learning to Mentor is a 5 week training programme that has been designed and developed by TWP. The training is designed to prepare women in gaining the skills necessary to be a peer mentor.

Aims of Programme

  • Increase understanding of women involved in the Criminal Justice System
  • Understand a gender specific approach to working with women
  • Introduction to mentoring as a model of intervention
  • Explore and practice mentoring skills

The framework and topics of the training programme has been provided to you within this toolkit. However, it is important to explore the rest of the toolkit first so that you 'know' gender specific before delivering your training. The best practice points will help you apply the gender specific elements to the training style and design.  

TWP offers delivery of TWP Learning to Mentor to organisation so please get in touch if this is something you are interested in.