Claires Case Study

A woman-centred approach demands that we put a woman’s experience and values at the core of the relationship, ensuring her experiences are put 'into the equation'. When speaking about these experiences, it is important to speak about the impact gender has on these experiences. 

The following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Create a safe and respectful environment where women feel safe and at ease
  • Speak to women about how gender impacts on their everyday lives
  • Empower women by building their confidence and self worth
  • Understand how a woman's race, origin, sexuality and socio-economic status impact her life

Best Practice Guide

  • Offer the woman an opportunity to have a female mentor
  • Look at how staff and mentor's behaviour may help to create a safe and welcoming environment
  • Think about what gender norms or stereotypes are portrayed through your language, literature or culture
  • Build a woman's confidence by focusing on her strength, giving her control through allowing her to make decisions
  • Make a case for the importance of women-only work