A user-led approach demands that the main stakeholders are involved at all different stages of the mentoring service. A user-led approach also demands that a woman's support is guided by herself and not by the mentor or organisation.

Peer mentoring is a powerful approach that is not only particularly effective for women offenders but also breaks down the hierarchy in organisations. Involving women in the design, delivery and evaluation of the mentoring service ensures the service is reflective and not a replicate.

Best Practice Guide

  • Be creative and encourage the participation of women from an early stage.
  • Demonstrate the significance of service-user involvement at all stages of the service and include the resources needed for this service-user involvement in your budget.
  • A user-led approach demands that service-user involvement is not only a box-ticking exercise, but that a service is led by service-user feedback and need.
  • Asking for women's input and giving them the responsibility of making decisions is very empowering for women.