Gender-specific approach

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This section explores the need for a gender-specific approach as well women's experiences within the Criminal Justice System. This information has been compiled through our experience with women and by speaking to our women about what women want.

This section will explore four fundamental elements of a gender-specific approach:

These four elements are presented in a practical way and can be implemented in a mentoring service as well as any wider services working with female offenders. As well as the relational theory, there have been several gender-specific strategies explored when supporting women in the CJS.

It is important that a gender-specific service or approach is not ‘slotted in’ at a convenient time or place in process. Instead, for those new to a gender-specific approach, it is important to start from a clean slate, ensuring that male services are not being duplicated for female. 

Where to start? TWP has devised a Gender-Specific Mentoring Guidance tool to help you look at what you are doing and what you want to develop. This tool looks at your services policy, framework, facilities, staff, culture and practice.  

“There are fundamental differences between male and female offenders and those at risk of offending that indicate a different and distinct approach is needed for women. Equal treatment of men and women does not result in equal outcomes.” – Baroness Corston, 2006