Customer involvement

Critical to TWP’s success is the extent to which customers are involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of services. We believe that placing customers at the heart of everything we do ensures that all of our activities are geared to achieving the best possible outcomes for the women we work with.

"Brilliant service, and respectful. Puts people first."

The women TWP works with often have a complex set of inter-related needs. There may be one or two primary needs but progress on these cannot be made if other underlying issues are not properly identified and addressed. Our consultation methods ensure that women are involved from the outset in defining their own needs and exploring what can be done to tackle the problems associated with those needs. This ensures that the woman herself is in control and is supported to make change at her own pace.

"It’s a great centre to access if you have any problems."

TWP consistently achieves sustained levels of engagement from women who have previously rejected services. We believe this is due to our commitment to customer involvement at every level in the organisation.

"Given me hope so I can look positively to the future."

We routinely carry out specific customer consultation via surveys and focus groups to capture opinion on how existing services are working and to identify new models for developing services.

"All the workers are really friendly and great to talk to."

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