Early intervention

Early Intervention

Diverting women away from arrest or out of the criminal justice system through close partnerships with police, courts and other local agencies.

Early intervention can play a key role in reducing the cycle of offending and can halt the devastating impact of the criminal justice system on women’s families. The government itself has recognised that strong families are central to the well-being and positive opportunities for children.

“Strong families are the foundation of a bigger, stronger society. This isn’t some romanticised fiction. It’s a fact. There’s a whole body of evidence that shows how a bad relationship between parents means a child is more likely to live in poverty, fail at school, end up in prison or be unemployed in later life.” 
David Cameron, Big Society Launch, 23rd May 2011

One of our most successful initiatives is the use of Community Resolution Orders (CROs). Working in close partnership with three Police Forces in the region, these measures are used to divert low-level offenders away from police custody. The CROs are an on-street disposal, issued by Neighbourhood Policing teams, providing a much quicker and more effective intervention than entry into the court system.

"West Yorkshire Police recognises that TWP can play an important role in turning around the lives of women offenders and others within the same family."
Inspector Mark Wheeler, North West Leeds Division